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Maksim Signature Facial

This personalized deep-pore cleansing treatment revitalizes your face. Lymphatic drainage therapy, exfoliation and an oxygenating treatment is combined with gentle deep pore extraction. An upper body massage and individualized treatment mask leaves you glowing and relaxed.
75 minutes $130

Maksimum Extraction Facial

Experience the facial we are renowned for among acne, blemish and blackhead sufferers. Designed by us specifically for problem skin, this facial will help control breakouts and reduce inflammation.
85 minutes $155

Express Facial

The perfect mini treatment for in-between full facials; you’ll have a choice between pampering and extractions.
45 minutes $95

Teen Facial

Introduces teens to healthy skin care. Our correcting facial uses antiseptic and exfoliating properties to reduce breakouts and inflammation, leaving skin perfectly clean and fresh.
55 minutes $100

Microglow Treatment

this intensive skin resurfacing treatment gradually reduces brown spots, skin discoloration, fine acne scars and even wrinkles, by encouraging cell turnover and boosting collagen production. a soothing personalized treatment mask and upper body massage follows. six to ten treatments are recommended for best results.
60 minutes $150
series of 6 microglow treatments $750 (save $150)

Microglow Ultimate Facial

The Maksim Signature Facial you love, plus a Microglow treatment, offers immediate and long lasting results. Pores are minimized, discoloration and fine lines are lessened, and your skin is left smooth. Plus, all-important collagen production is also stimulated to help keep your skin looking beautiful.
85 minutes $250

Eminence Organic Facial

This luxurious facial is all-natural. Preservative and dye-free, it is ideal for all skin types, including those with rosacea or seborrhea. Delicious-smelling fruits and plants are used to detoxify the skin and stimulate cell renewal. Your complexion is revitalized, blemished areas are improved and your face is left firm and smooth.
75 minutes $175

Eminence Organic Facial with Arctic Berry

Our arctic berry facial includes exfoliant, advanced peel, and arctic berry peptide radiance cream! The exfoliant breaks down and removes dead skin to leave your skin feeling refreshed and new while the peel removes layers of skin naturally to initiate clearer, smoother and more luminous skin. It reduces hyperpigmentation and inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles and improves elasticity and skin tone for a younger-looking appearance! Then finish off your look and achieve maximum luminosity with this all-powerful, soothing moisturizer that features our exclusive Peptide Illuminating complex.
75 minutes $185


Make your facial truly match your individual skin characteristics by choosing from our maksim-izing add-ons. *Prices vary by treatment.

Alpha hydroxy peel

This all-natural, gentle peel brings new vitality to your skin, as it minimizes fine lines and evens out discoloration. While it exfoliates and unclogs pores, new cellular growth is stimulated, leaving your complexion healthy once again.

Double alpha hydroxy peel

This double-strength peel is designed for those with hard-to-treat acne, or for whom a regular alpha-hydroxy peel is no longer effective. It offers deeper exfoliation.

Enzyme peel

The natural fruit enzymes found in pineapple and papaya are used to dissolve old skin, leaving skin soothed and your complexion instantly silky smooth. For skin with clogged pores, it makes extractions easier.

Herbal Peel

This 100% natural exfoliation is equivalent to 15 micro-dermabrasions without the use of acids or harmful crystals. It will reduce fine lines, tremendously improve acne scars, brightening hyper pigmentation and stimulate new cell growth. It is the best way to keep the skin looking and feeling young.
$80 (Series of 6 Herbal Peel $400)

Seaweed firming and soothing mask

Seaweed’s natural antibacterial properties help reduce redness and promote healing after extractions, especially for those with acne and clogged pores. It naturally firms your skin and leaves it radiant.

Hydration moisture mask

Go from dull, dry skin to sensual, revitalized skin. Gingko biloba extract is used to improve the skin’s elasticity and restore moisture.

Essential oil paraffin wax mask

Soothing and nourishing essential oils are lovingly massaged into your skin. Warm paraffin wax is then applied. The oils deeply penetrate the skin and seal in moisture, making it perfect for dry and mature skin.

Eye lift

The collagen ampoule is gently massaged into the delicate skin around the eye to relieve the tired look; followed by a mask. Specifically designed to reduce fine lines and puffiness.

Lip conditioner

To give you velvety soft lips, we exfoliate with fruit enzymes, followed by a nourishing and protective mask. Finished with a lip balm that seals in the moisture and hydrates your lip.

Super peel

We focus a Microdermabrasion treatment on the specific area of your choice.
15 minutes $80


This facial for your back includes cleansing, exfoliation, an oxygenating treatment, thorough extractions and a purifying mask. Let us reach the parts you can’t.
55 minutes $110
Add a Backcial to a Facial: $95


Hydrate and smooth your chest area with this gentle treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a specially prepared mask.
55 minutes $100
Add a Chestcial to a facial $85

Re Fa Treatment

re fa treatment uses “microcurrent” by taking in the light from the solar panel to stimulate your skin for better circulation. the roller is cut into a diamond-like shape which creates deep kneading, massaging, and creating circulation that tones up the skin beautifully!
(also available to purchase the roller for $270!)
re fa treatment – $50
re fa massage – $20

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Body Work:

**Detox foot spa

The Aqua Detox Foot Spa releases the impurities and toxins the body’s cells have built up. The most convenient and effective way to release the toxins is through the 4000 pores on the feet. With six treatments per month, it is a revolutionary way to re-balance, re-energize, and detoxify the body. Following each treatments the body will continue to detoxify for up to 48 hours.
30 minutes $55
Series of 6 Detox Foot Spa $300

**Hand Treatment

This exfoliating and hydrating treatment offers immediate results. Moisturizing gloves infused with hazelnut, safflower and grape seed oils along with vitamins A and E deeply penetrate the skin leaving your hands feeling velvety soft and smooth.

Seaweed body wrap

A Seaweed Body Wrap leaves you feeling good inside and out. The naturally occurring minerals in the seaweed balance the mineral composition in your body, leaving your skin moisturized and toned. It lessens the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. After the seaweed is applied, you‘ll be wrapped in a heated blanket and receive a relaxing upper body and face massage.
55 minutes $95

Herbal body wrap

Your body will be lavished with detoxifying herb-rich oils, and wrapped in a comforting heated blanket. It is wonderful for limiting the appearance of cellulite and reducing water retention. The final result is soft, smooth skin.
55 minutes $95

Mineral salt, honey and hot oil treatment

A special blend of honey, mineral salts and hot oil is massaged into your entire body. Then, after a refreshing shower, you‘ll be lavished in warm moisturizers. Rough skin disappears, leaving a rosy, healthy all-over glow and silky skin.
55 minutes $95

Cellulite treatment

A volcanic ash clay masque that exfoliates and detoxifies the body, it targets cellulite and stretch marks. Instantly tightens the skin for a visibly smother more compact looking thighs and buttocks. Say Goodbye to Cellulite!
45 minutes – half body $85
60 minutes – full body $120
Series of 6 Cellulite treatment – $380
Series of 10 Cellulite treatment – $750

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Face / Body:

**Deep cleansing deluxe

It‘s the ultimate in relaxation and cleansing. While you‘re enrobed in either the Herbal Body Wrap or the Seaweed Wrap, we‘ll renew your complexion with an Alpha Hydroxy Peel, and follow it with a soothing Maksim Signature Facial. This rejuvenating experience leaves your entire body glowing and detoxified.
85 minutes $230


Spider veins, inexplicable red dots on your chest and those burst capillaries you‘re beginning to notice on the side of your nose. Over a series of visits they can disappear. VascuTouch uses high frequency and galvanic currents to eliminate those blemishes. A good alternative to invasive procedures.
$170 first treatment
$70 retouch
$400 for five sessions (best deal)

Micro-Needling Therapy

micro-needling is a non-invasive, revolutionary procedure that helps with acne scarring, wrinkle reduction, improve alopecia (hair loss) and pigmentation.
$250 per session (60 minutes)
micro needling 4 pack $750
micro needling 6 pack $1,400


the highly effective yet gentle cryosurgical treatment for age spots, sun spots and skin tags.
per spot $80
up to 8 spots $400

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*Swedish massage

A combination of long strokes and intense kneading of the muscles helps stimulate blood circulation, relieving and healing muscle discomfort and tension. It‘s a classic for a reason.
75 minutes $115


Your feet are command central in this holistic massage, as pressure points that correspond with internal organs are stimulated and negative energies released. It eases away stress, migraine headaches and increases energy. You will float home.
30 minutes $55
60 minutes $100

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**Facial Package Buy 6 Facials get 7th one free
(Add-ons are not included)

Restrictions apply: Package expiries within one year from the date of purchase. Appointments must be booked every 4-6 weeks. While scheduling or rescheduling, appointments must not exceed 2 months. If an appointment exceeds such time, full facial value will be automatically charged.

**Brazilian Package Buy 6 Brazilian Bikini’s get 7th one free.

Restrictions apply: Package expires within one year from the date of purchase. While scheduling or rescheduling, appointments must not exceed 5weeks. If an appointment exceeds such time, full waxing value will be automatically charged.

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Our exclusive, all-natural waxes leave your skin soft and silky and promote slower, lighter growth of hair. But here’s what you’re really thinking about: pain. Not at Maksim. We’ve chosen lavender hard wax for the face and sensitive areas, and liquid zinc wax for large body areas to ensure painless and gentle removal of hair. Not to mention, we’ve been praised for our delicate touch.
Brazilian bikini $75 and up
back wax $60-$65
bikini $40 and up
brow sculpt $60
brow shaping $30-$35
chin $15
cheeks $20
chest $60-$65
full arm $45
half arm $30
full leg $80
full leg & bikini $100
full leg & brazilian bikini $130
half leg $50
half leg & bikini $70-$80
half leg & brazilian $110
half back $35-$40
lip $15
eyelash dye $30
underarm $30
male facial waxing $15 and up

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