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161 W 54th St, Suite 1102 | (212) 414 9434
maksim spa

about us:

maksim is an intimate spa devoted to providing exceptional, personalized service in a relaxing atmosphere. launched in january of 2000 by aesthetician lena makushina, maksim became an instant success and quickly developed a reputation as the place to go for clients who take skin care seriously. with her pharmaceutical background, lena had spent many years working with problematic skin in high-end european and us spas, including susan seminelli and bliss spa. she wanted to create her own place, on a smaller scale, as a skin care boutique, where she could focus her attention on treatments of different conditions and offer effective solutions for all types of skin.

as maksim’s business grew rapidly, lena asked her sister, olya piccirillo, to join maksim. olya had spent over twenty years studying and researching nutrition and its connection to internal health and beauty and particularly facial skin. she became certified as a holistic health and nutrition counselor and continued working with lena, addressing skin challenges from the nutritional aspect.

the sisters took traditional skin care to a new level, offering not only very thorough facials but also nutritional consultations and programs that can benefit the clients’ overall health and beauty. “we work with difficult skin”, lena says. other places don’t like to deal with clients with acne, because it’s more time-consuming. we like the challenge and like to see the person come back happy.

lena and olya believe that in order to effectively treat problem skin, one needs to determine the root of the problem first and treat it internally and externally to get best, lasting results.

the spa:

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spa etiquette & policies:

to ensure that you and those around you experience the full benefits of maksim spa, we suggest the following: arrive early. arriving late will cheat you of precious minutes of your spa treatment. should you arrive late, your treatment will end on time so that the next client isn’t delayed, regardless of how late you start.

spa reservations & cancellation and payment information

maksim spa strictly adheres to our spa cancellation policy. if you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, 24-hour notice is required to avoid being charged 100% of the price on all treatments scheduled.

maksim spa accepts mastercard, visa, american express and cash. personal checks are not accepted. maksim spa also requires a valid credit card number to hold all spa reservations.

Appointments booked for the same day are considered confirmed and cannot be canceled without being billed in accordance with our cancellation policy.

gratuity policy

in appreciation of quality service performed by your maksim spa practitioner, gratuities are recommended. tips may be given in cash or by personal check; credit cards are not accepted for tipping.

practice silence

maksim spa environment is one of tranquility and relaxation, so please respect the other guests’ right to privacy and quiet. please turn off your cell phone as soon as you walk in the front door of maksim spa. if your phone rings at anytime please turn it off immediately, this includes in the reception area, treatment room, or bathroom.

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prep for your spa treatment:

arrive 15 minutes before your first appointment to allow yourself ample time to check in, relax and have a glass of water or wine and to change.

what to wear to maksim spa

maksim spa provides robes for treatments.

medical conditions & allergies

please notify a spa coordinator when booking your appointments about physical ailments, medical conditions and allergies. this will allow us to further personalize your treatments. special conditions may include pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart conditions, or other. maksim spa practitioners cannot work on clients with open wounds, abrasions, etc.

pregnancy & spa treatments

many women find that spa treatments are very helpful in relieving some pain and stress from pregnancy. maksim spa’s practitioners will do their best to make your treatment comfortable and relaxing. however, during pregnancy, we don’t recommend to have body wraps and microdermobrasion treatments. consult your doctor with any other concerns or questions.

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waxing tips:

what to do before your wax:

  • allow 3-4 weeks between waxing and/or shaving. a quarter of an inch outgrowth is required for bikini, legs and underarms.
  • for brazilian and bikini waxes, if your hair is long it is best to trim so that the waxing is more comfortable.
  • female clients may have heightened sensitivity during the week prior or during menstruation.
  • exfoliate with a brush your bikini and legs area for better waxing.

be careful before you wax:

  • do not use retin a/renova up to 30 days prior.
  • do not use accutane up to 90 days prior.
  • do not use peels (glycolic, aha, etc.) or dermabrasion on the waxing area up to 24 hours prior.
  • do not drink alcohol heavily or sunbathe up to 24 hours prior.

to get the most out of your wax:

  • do not exfoliate the skin for 2-3 days post wax, then exfoliate regularly to help prevent ingrown hairs.
  • avoid shaving between waxes.

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